About the DSF

We have immediate vacancies for one board position and several committee chair positions, listed here. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators at activities@dailard.org and president@dailard.org. We need your help! Thank you!

Our Mission

The mission of the Dailard School Foundation is to provide financial, human, and program resources to support and expand the educational opportunities for students at Dailard.

Our Leadership

The Dailard School Foundation is successful because of its leaders and members, and because of the diverse talents and expertise they contribute to the organization. Any parent or family member with an interest in serving the school as a DSF leader is strongly encouraged to join.

The 2014-2015 DSF Board

The 2014-2015 Activities & Events Committee Chairs

Becoming a Member of the Board
Members of the DSF Board usually serve two-year terms. Open positions for the following year are advertised in the spring. Parents interested in the open board positions are asked to attend the May and June DSF meetings; board members vote on the candidates. Each member of the board has specific jobs to perform that fall under their position (although sometimes volunteers are needed for extra projects). They are also expected to attend monthly meetings and attend many events.

Chairing an A&E Committee
Parents interested in leading one of our specialized committees are welcome to volunteer to take on the job! Other committee chairs and board members may recruit parents when a position is open or a new committee is formed. Chairs hold their positions for two years. Ideally, a parent interested in leading a committee will work closely with the committee chair for a school year before taking over the responsibility the next year; this transition maintains continuity for the committee so it can stay focused on its events.

If you have additional questions about joining the board or leading a committee, please do not hesitate to contact a board member or committee chair to learn more about the process.

Fresh Ideas? Come to Coffee Talk!
If you have an idea for a new program, committee, fundraiser, or event, or have a special skill you’d like to share with the DSF Board, A&E Committees, or the rest of the school, please come to Coffee Talk (with Linda Richman with the DSF). It’s our monthly brainstorming/hang out session, and its schedule moves around so as many people can come as possible.

Thank you to all of our Dailard parents who have volunteered to help! We are lucky to have you.

Our Records

DSF and Activities & Events meetings are open to our members (the parents, guardians, and teachers of our school), and our meeting notes are published online so anyone who is unable to attend a meeting can still stay informed. If you would like to add an agenda item to a board meeting, please email the DSF President at president@dailard.org. If you would like to add an agenda item to an Activities & Events meeting, please email the A&E Coordinators at activities@dailard.org.

Meeting Minutes and Notes

Our Members

The Dailard DSF is you: parents, grandparents, guardians, other friends and family members of Dailard students, and those students’ teachers, who are dedicated to serving the school community. We are a 501(c)(3) organization that raises money to purchase educational supplies and technology, and to fund field trips and enrichment activities via a variety of programs and events during the school year. We are 100 percent dependent on your contributions of time and money, and rely on your help to meet our goal of providing every student with top-quality enrichment opportunities.

Our Past Achievements

Since its inception, the Dailard School Foundation has worked hard to support the school community. Fundraising efforts have paid for a school librarian, offered annual classroom grants to all teachers, sponsored assemblies and music programs, purchased PE supplies and outdoor canopies and shades, implemented and supported the Run/Walk Club, and provided hospitality service at various venues.

The DSF has also invested heavily in technology for the Dailard community. It has supplied every teacher with a laptop, purchased computers for the school’s computer lab and funded a computer aide, established a dedicated server and a high-speed wireless network as the core of the school’s computer lab, and provided digital cameras and laser printers for use by staff and students. The DSF also pays the charges and subscriptions for the online educational websites used by teachers and students to supplement the classroom curriculum. Furthermore, the DSF purchased teachers’ photocopiers and pays for their maintenance.

The DSF also commissioned local artist and Dailard parent Ryan Loyko to design and paint Dailard’s mural and other school walls. Enabled by generous donations from local paint retailers, this project received a fair amount of local coverage. Check it out!

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Our ability to help our students depends entirely on your support of our programs. With your continued assistance, we hope to be able to maintain these projects far into the future, and to expand the services we can perform for our staff and our students.