Activities & Events Committee

The Activities & Events Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, at 7:50 AM in the teachers’ lounge (right after student drop-off).

The Activities & Events Committee is the umbrella organization for the various fundraisers, programs, and events hosted throughout the school year. The committee consists of the volunteers and leaders who plan and run the events, and who form the backbone of the entire Dailard School Foundation. The wide range of events appeals to the diverse interests of the student body and their parents. They also contribute greatly to the sense of shared community enjoyed by these families as well as the families of staff and faculty.

Our Activities & Events

Feel free to contact the DSF coordinators for more information about the following activities and events, or to volunteer your assistance. Just send an email to the A&E Committee at!

Activities & Events Coordinator:
Melissa Henss

5th Grade Activities: Rebecca Smith, Stephanie Moore, Gail Broatch, Jess Foster, Sarah Cogan and Hayley Gonzalez

Auction: Sarah Cogan (

Box Tops: Sharon Steeley, Marcelle Egley-Sparks and Jennifer Robinson

Dailardfest: Sheila Gigante & Tiffany Mineo

Dolphin Pledge Drive: Rebecca Smith

Friday Night Lights: Erin Graham

Garden Club: Diana Hussey (

Holiday Bazaar: Jess Foster (Need co-chair!)

Hospitality: Sabrina McDonald

Jog-a-thon: Christina Rudes & Peggy Han

Rummage Sale: Lydia Vargas

Run/Walk Club “Dashers”: Kristin Freeman & Scott Roesch

Spring Fling: Kelly Etter and Melinda Schrack

Yearbook: Rozelle Benson & Ulla Gonzalez (

Meeting updates and highlights will be posted online on the Meeting Minutes Archive page.