The Dailard School Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the community of Dailard Elementary School, which is part of the San Diego Unified School District. Please explore our website to learn more about our programs and our members.

Dailard.org is the parent-teacher organization website.
Click here for the San Diego Unified Dailard Elementary School website.

Volunteers needed for the Holiday Bazaar December 7th to 11th.
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What Is Power 30?
Power 30 is Dailard’s new program: daily, small group instruction targeted to your child’s skills, needs and interests. The small groups have been designed by or identified by your child’s classroom teacher. All students in all grade levels K-5 participate four days of week for four different cycles of learning throughout the year. The first cycle will be four weeks, the second cycle will be for six weeks and the third and fourth cycles will be five weeks each with 1 or 2 weeks’ break between cycles. Each student will receive 2,400 minutes of focused instruction throughout the year, tailored to their specific academic needs. The program has been funded primarily by the Dailard School Foundation. Parents and staff collaborated to choose four quality people to provide additional instruction support for the groups during Power 30 time.

Power 30 sessions are not held during minimum day schedules.

Get Involved!

The Dailard school community is able to do so many things because everyone helps. Want to find out what’s going on or how you can contribute? Come to one of our meetings!

DSF Board Meeting (second Tuesday of every month)
TBD, December, 2015, 5:30 PM

Activities and Events Community Meeting (first Tuesday of every month)
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 7:50 AM, Teachers’ Lounge

Dailard DADS Meeting (second Tuesday of every month)
Tuesday, December 8, 7:30 PM, Emiliano’s Restaurant

We have a few open positions for parents who are ready to step into a role, too! New and returning parents interested in the following opportunities should come by the A&E meeting or email Rebecca Smith, DSF President, at president@dailard.org.

Open Positions

  • Hospitality Committee
  • Garden Club Co-Chair–URGENT!
  • DSF Website Shadow and 2016-2017 Webmaster

Upcoming Events

For specific event times, locations, and details, click on the calendar dates below.


  • November 2: Fall Collection Box Tops Due
  • November 3: A&E Community Meeting
  • November 4: Welcome Wednesday Monthly Flag Assembly
  • November 4: Garden Club
  • November 9: Kindergarten Open House
  • November 9: DADS Paper Airplane Night
  • November 10: DSF Board Meeting
  • November 11: NO SCHOOL (Veterans’ Day)
  • November 13: Diwali Family Dance and Art Show
  • November 16-20: MINIMUM DAYS (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • November 17: Martians! School Assembly
  • November 18: Garden Club
  • November 23-27: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)