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The Dailard School Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the community of Dailard Elementary School, which is part of the San Diego Unified School District. Please explore our website to learn more about our programs and our members.


Click here to see the 2014-2015 DSF Budget. (You can also link to the budget with the BUDGET option on the upper menu.)

The Dolphin Pledge Drive Is So Close!

We’ll be drawing the name of the Disneyland Park Hopper passes this week at Friday Flag! Be there so you can cross your fingers while you hope to win! They say that it’s a very effective technique.

We are so close to meeting our goal! The Dolphin Pledge Drive has raised $17,231 and we are very excited to be this far along so soon after the start of the school year. We are very grateful for the generosity of everyone who has contributed to this major fundraiser. Don’t forget to claim your donation on your tax forms this year! And if you wanted to donate but haven’t been able to yet, we gladly accept pledge donations all year long.

The Dailard School Foundation spends about $260 per student, and we do not sell wrapping paper or cookie dough to earn that money. We rely solely on what our parents and other members of the Dailard community can contribute for our students. A contribution of $180 to the Pledge Drive–and we accept contributions all year long!–and of $80 to the Jog-a-thon (our biggest single fundraiser) would cover materials and education and subject matter expertise and STEM enrichment and visual arts for your child for a whole year. If you can afford to be generous and donate more than that, there are many other children at this school who would appreciate it. If you cannot afford $260, any amount is appreciated. Donations to the Dolphin Pledge Drive are fully tax-deductible.

Find out more about the Dolphin Pledge Drive here.

Have Your Say!

All of our parent groups invite you to attend their meetings. Find out what they are planning, how you can help, offer your input, and help support our school. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Upcoming meetings below:

Tuesday, November 4, 5:30 PM: Dailard School Foundation Board Meeting
(Usually the) Second Tuesday of the month in the Teachers’ Lounge.

Wednesday, November 5, 7:50 AM: Activities & Events Committee
First Wednesday of the month in the Teachers’ Lounge.

Wednesday, November 12, 7:00 PM: Dailard DADS (Dads Assisting Dailard Students)
Second Wednesday of the month, Emiliano’s Restaurant.

Tuesday, December 2, 7:50 AM: Coffee Talk (with Linda Richman with the DSF)
Bring your mug to the Teachers’ Lounge!

Upcoming Events

For specific event times, locations, and details, click on the calendar dates below.


  • October 1: Activities & Events Meeting
  • October 7: Dailard Dashers Run/Walk Club Begins
  • October 8: Garden Club
  • October 8: DADS Meeting
  • October 14: DSF Board Meeting
  • October 17: DADS Patrick Henry Football Game
  • October 20: Coffee Talk (with Linda Richman with Karen Miller)
  • October 22: Picture Day Make Ups
  • October 22: Garden Club
  • October 23-31: Red Ribbon Week
  • October 24: Friday Flag
  • October 25: Dailardfest
  • October 31: Halloween Parade
  • October 31: Minimum Day