The Dailard School Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the community of Dailard Elementary School, which is part of the San Diego Unified School District. Please explore our website to learn more about our programs and our members.

Dailard.org is the parent-teacher organization website.
Click here for the San Diego Unified Dailard Elementary School website.

Dailard Spirit Wear
The DSF has been working with a locally owned business to create a line of Spirit Wear clothes exclusively for Dailard! Mendi5 Sports Apparel is used by many of the local youth sports teams for uniforms.
Here is the storefront
15% of the gross sales will be donated to DSF for events and activities that reach every child at Dailard.

Spring Fling
It takes many Ewoks, Banthas, and Wookies to make Dailard’s Spring Fling a memorable event for our kids! The kids had fun at this year’s Star Wars Spring Fling. Thank you for your continued help and support!

Get Involved!
The Dailard school community is able to do so many things because everyone helps. Want to find out what’s going on or how you can contribute? Come to one of our meetings!

Activities and Events Community Meeting
The A&E meeting is right after drop off on the the first Tuesday of every school month. All parents are welcome to attend!
DSF Board Meeting
Our Board meetings will continue through the school year on the second Tuesday of each month. Also open to all parents!
Dailard DADS Meeting (second Tuesday of every month)

Upcoming Events
For specific event times, locations, and details, click on the calendar below.

  • May 1-5: Teacher Appreciation
  • May 2: A&E Community Meeting
  • May 9: Dailard DADS Meeting
  • May 8: DSF Board Meeting
  • May 12: Friday Night Lights – Moana
  • May 19: Rummage Sale – Books and Clothing
  • May 25: Min Day
  • May 25: Open House
  • May 26: No School
  • May 29: No School