Reload Your Dailard Shopping Cards

Now that you have…
1. created your account
2. selected shopping cards to have delivered to the school
3. activated PrestoPay

…you are finally ready to reload your cards again and again! This is FINALLY THE EASY PART, and you can reload cards any time you feel like it and the rebate always goes back to the Dailard School Foundation! All our wildest dreams come true.

Add Shopping Cards and ScripNow to Your Online Wallet and Reload!

Step 1
Add to your accounts the reloadable Dailard Shopping Cards you already have (the ones you wrote on). Click “Wallet” to get to your online scrip wallet. This is where you will reload physical cards and access ScripNow electronic gift cards.
08 Wallet
Step 2
Let’s reload your physical cards first. Select the “Reloads” tab.
09 Reload
Step 3
Click the “Register a Card” tab to add a new card to your account.
10 Register a Card
Step 4
Enter the brand name. As you start typing, the brand names will auto-fill. Also enter the card number and the card name (your nickname for the card, such as “Starbucks Karen” vs “Starbucks Richard.”) Click “Verify” when you are done and the card will add itself to your list. If the card does not verify, check your number. You may have entered it wrong.
11 Enter Card
The new card appears on the list in your Wallet.
11-2 Card Entered

Step 5
Once cards are entered in your Wallet, you can easily reload them right from there. Just click on the card you want to add funds to.

Using the Wallet to store and reload your cards saves you the step of looking up each merchant and clicking through the tabs at each one. (You will not be able reload cards through the merchant’s page without entering the cards into your Wallet anyway.) Once you have added your reloaded funds to your account, you continue shopping and checking out as usual. Funds reloaded through the website 12:30 PM Pacific will be available to spend by 7:30 AM Pacific the next business day. To add funds for immediate use, log on to and ReloadNow! from your mobile device (see below).
05-4 Reload from Wallet

Step 6
To add funds to your ScripNow purchases, click the “ScripNow” tab in the Wallet and repeat the process. ScripNow funds are available immediately (unless the merchant states otherwise), if you paid for them with PrestoPay. If you are paying with a check, your funds will be available when the Scrip Coordinator approves your purchase.

Step 7
Use your smart phone or mobile device to access your Wallet and reload and add to your physical cards and ScripNow electronic gift cards while you are on the go! It’s not an app–it’s just a mobile website–but it makes funds available IMMEDIATELY (so you could add to your grocery card while you are standing in line at the grocery store). Visit to get started.

Thank you so much!

This program could turn into something that really helps our school, and this long and cumbersome online registration process will be worth it in the long run. Thank you for taking the time to go through all these steps. Don’t forget to mark and reload your cards or that gift cards make great gifts!

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