Your Payment Options

There are two ways to pay for the Dailard Shopping Cards you purchase online: with a check made out to the Dailard School Foundation that you send to school in an envelope or with PrestoPay.

Pay with Check
Step 1
When you submit your orders, you are asked to choose between PrestoPay and Check. Click “Check” to pay with check.
07-2 Check Out

Step 2
If you click “Check,” you will be taken to an order confirmation page with your order number. Print this page, and put it in an envelope with a check payable to the Dailard School Foundation for the order amount. Address the envelope to “Cameron/Dailard Shopping Cards.” Put the envelope in the DSF box in your child’s classroom or the DSF mailbox in the front office. Your ScripNow and reload purchases will be available when the Scrip Coordinator approves your purchase. The physical cards will be shipped to the school.

Note that the column totals may not reflect the total amount due. This page is to help the Scrip Coordinator tally up how many cards to order in what increments, and the cards that are only physical cards tally differently than cards with reloadable and ScripNow options. It is confusing. Please keep it in mind when you write the check.
01-3 Receipt for Check

Step 3
Pick up your cards from the Scrip Coordinator at the table in the quad after school. If you forget to visit the table, we’ll send you a note!

Pay with PrestoPay

PrestoPay is a convenient way to pay not only for your purchases of physical cards (which will be delivered to the school and then to you) but also for ScripNow and card reloads. Although there is a $0.15 charge per transaction when you use PrestoPay, we really think that its ease of use (once it is set up) more than compensates for the tiny extra amount added to your purchase. Additionally, if you have signed up for PrestoPay, you can buy ScripNow and ReloadNow INSTANT funds when you log into your account from a smart phone or other mobile device at

The Dailard School Foundation hopes that asking everyone to set up PrestoPay accounts will encourage them to use their shopping cards more often, and that we will raise money for our school faster. With PrestoPay, you can be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and reload your cards before you hit the register! Reloading is where our biggest payouts are going to be. We really hope you take the time to go through this process and then get into the reloading habit. It will enable us to keep more of our academic and enrichment programs going at Dailard.

Step 1
Go to your Dashboard and find “PrestoPay” in the Family Functions area towards the bottom of the page. Click on PrestoPay.
01-4 Find PrestoPay

Step 2
You will be informed that you do not have a PrestoPay account and will be asked if you want to open one. Read through the explanation of the PrestoPay process and click “Yes and I Agree” at the bottom of the page to proceed.
02-4 Agree to PrestoPay

Step 3
PrestoPay must be linked to a checking or savings account. Enter your bank and account details on this page, and then click “Next.”
03-4 Enter Bank Account

Step 4
When your account information has been accepted by PrestoPay, PrestoPay will make two small deposits to that account within a few business days.
04-4 Account Accepted

Step 5
Wait. Wait for PrestoPay to make your deposits, and try not to forget that you are in this middle of this process. Enjoy this video while you wait.

Step 6
When your bank has received the two deposits from “GL Scrip Center PP Verify” (PrestoPay), you will be able to complete the PrestoPay process. Note the amount of the two deposits and log back into your account. Open up your Dashboard. You’ll see that PrestoPay is trying to get your attention. Click “PrestoPay” to complete the activation process.
06-4 Complete PrestoPay

Step 7
Enter the amounts of the deposits PrestoPay put in your bank account, select a PIN code, and click “Next.”
07-4 Enter Deposit Amount

Step 8
The FINAL step in the PrestoPay process is the scrip coordinator’s approval. You will receive an email from Great Lakes Scrip containing your approval code that you must send to the Scrip Coordinator. Simply forward that email to to complete PrestoPay registration. The coordinator will add your code promptly–we are very committed to this program’s success–and you will be ready to go! (You will not be able to shop with PrestoPay until the coordinator has activated you.) Now you will be able to purchase and reload physical cards and purchase ScripNow right from your Online Dailard Shopping Cards Account, at your own convenience. Return to your Dashboard to start shopping online!
08-4 Presto Approval Code

Step 9
When you shop online, you are now able to check out with PrestoPay instead of a check. Go to your Cart to check out, and select “PrestoPay” instead of “Check” before you submit your order. You will need to enter the PIN you set up when you created your PrestoPay account. Click “Sumbit Order” when you are ready.
09-4 Check Out with PrestoPay

Step 10
When you have submitted your order, you’ll be able to print or save a copy for your records. Note that physical cards are invoiced separately from reloads and ScripNow purchases.
10-4 PrestoPay Order Processed!

Step 11
Your reloaded cards will update automatically, but you will have to come to the Dailard Shopping Cards table in the quad to receive the physical card that you have ordered (schedule available here). If you need to make other arrangements, email If you forget to pick up your card, we’ll send you a reminder.

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