Buy Dailard Shopping Cards Online

Now that you have established your online account at ShopWithScrip, you can purchase Dailard Shopping Cards directly from the scrip service instead of waiting for the sales table to appear in the quad! Make sure you are logged in, and click on “Dashboard.”

Buy Dailard Shopping Cards Online

Step 1
From the Dashboard, click on “Shop.”
01-2 Dashboard Shop

Step 2
In the Shop tab, you can browse merchants alphabetically, by category, by rebate amount, or by dollar amount. You can sort by “Most Popular” or by “Brand.” Have fun browsing!
02-2 Shopping

Step 3
Note that there are three types of scrip you can buy: Physical Cards, Reload, and ScripNow. “Physical Cards” are just the plastic cards you carry around in your wallet. “Reload” is adding more money to a physical card once you’ve spent all the funds on it. “ScripNow” is an electronic gift card you can print and use in person or spend at online stores. You can also give and receive ScripNow as a gift. ScripNow purchases are available within minutes if you pay for them with PrestoPay (Part 3 of this tutorial). (Learn more about ScripNow here.)
03-2 Card Type

Step 4
Merchants offer different card options in different amounts, with different rebates. Hover over a merchant name to see which options are offered. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a physical card (in $10 and $25 amounts), Scrip Card, and a reload option, and an 8% rebate (8% of every purchase goes back to the DSF). In contrast, Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers a physical card (in $25 and $100 amounts), but no ScripNow, no reload option, and a 7% rebate.
04-2 Merchant Options

Step 5
When you have chosen which card you want, select your options and click Add to Cart. To purchase another card, click “Back to Browse” and continue shopping.
05-2 Select a Card

Step 6
When you are ready to check out, click on “Cart” in the upper right corner of the screen.
06-2 Your Cart

Step 7
In your Cart, you can see what cards you have selected for purchase, what rebate amount the DSF will receive, and your total due. You can change quantities and remove items from your cart right on this page. When your order is ready to go, select “PrestoPay” or “Check” and then “Submit Order.”
07-2 Check Out

The next page of the tutorial will walk you through your payment options.

Click here for Part 3 of the tutorial:
Your Payment Options

Part 1: Set Up Your Account
Part 4: Reload Your Dailard Shopping Card