Dailard Shopping Cards Online Tutorial

Welcome to the Dailard Shopping Cards online tutorial. This page will take you through the steps to create an account with Great Lakes Scrip Center/ShopwithScrip.com, connect it to your checking account, attach and reload Dailard Shopping Cards you already have, and order new cards directly (without having to find the table after school).

Why set up an online account?

Once you have established an online account you can order your own cards with a click or two the moment you realize you need them, you will be able to reload the cards you already have, and even start using your smart phone to pay for things on the spot at MyScripWallet.com.

Let’s get started!

Set Up Your Online Account
Step 1
Gather the Dailard Shopping Cards you have purchased and mark them with a permanent marker, so you remember which cards are reloadable. If you don’t already have Dailard Shopping Cards at home, well, once you set up an online account you can get some!
01 Mark Your Cards

Step 2
Highlight and copy Dailard’s enrollment code–> 9LD4A95E394L5

Step 3
Visit Visit the Shop with Scrip web page. Click “Register.”
03 Shop With Scrip Home Page

Step 4
Click on the “Join a Scrip Program” button at the bottom of the page.
04 Join Existing Group

Step 5
Enter/Paste the Dailard enrollment code you copied.
05 Enrollment Code

Step 6
Create your account by filling in the requested information. Note that you are automatically signed up to receive ShopWithScrip emails; uncheck the box if you don’t want to receive emails about special promotions and announcements.
06 Create Account

Step 7
When you sign in after creating your account, you will want to go to your Dashboard. Click “Dashboard.”
07 Dashboard

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