Dolphin Pledge Drive

The Dolphin Pledge Drive runs from
August 30th through September 30th
**donations are gratefully accepted all year long**

The Dolphin Pledge Drive was initiated by the DSF as a means to raise a significant amount of money with minimal overhead and volunteer time. That is, we believe it is easier and more efficient to ask for a flat-out donation from each family than it is to ask students to sell candy, magazines, or other products that require manpower to organize and impose on families to sell the products. Unlike the pledge, such fundraisers retain a portion of the proceeds. Read the letter from our PTF President

The Purpose of the Dolphin Pledge Drive

Many parents may wonder why fundraising of this caliber is even necessary and why we can’t rely upon school district funds. This would be ideal, and those funds may have been sufficient in the past, but this is simply not today’s reality. With ever-increasing school budget cuts, schools can no longer rely on city or state funding and must depend upon internal fundraising for even basic necessities. Rather than participate in small fundraisers all year long, we opt to have two major events where we ask for monetary donations (The Pledge Drive in fall and the Jog-a-thon in the winter/spring) and implement other passive fundraisers where a portion of proceeds benefits the school (i.e., turning in box tops, Dailard Shopping Cards, etc.).

What the Dolphin Pledge Drive Supports

The funds that we receive from the Pledge are allocated to our annual budget based on extended DSF Board conversation and input from a survey we send to parents. The money pays for an array of enriching materials, technology, and programs that would not be possible without your contributions: classroom grants, teacher professional development funds, Web-based programs, art & drama teachers, PE consultants and equipment, and much, much more. The programs that we fund include Garden Club, Run/Walk Club, assemblies, instrumental and vocal music, and some field trips.

How You Can Participate

Donations can be made online with PayPal at The Dolphin Store at any time, or you can submit a check to the school office with payment form distributed to each student in early September. We appreciate donations of any amount. We conduct the pledge drive at the beginning of the year so we can know how much money we have to work with throughout the year and so you can use it as a tax deduction. (Many employers offer matching grants, so don’t forget to ask!)

For those of you paying extra attention… Every $50 you donate by September 30th you will be entered in a drawing for 4 Disneyland Park Hopper Passes! Every $50 you donate by September 15th enters you twice! And anyone who donates at least $50 will be entered once into a drawing for a $200 gift certificate to Cohn Family Restaurants. The prizes will be awarded at Wednesday Welcome on October 4th, 2017

Again, you can submit donations by check with the Pledge Donation Form (checks payable to the Dailard School Foundation) to the DSF box in the front office or pay online with PayPal at The Dolphin Store.

Thank you for your support. Our collective efforts continue to make Dailard a great school. Together we can continue Striving for Excellence… Focused on the Future.