The Dailard School Foundation hosts an annual auction of donated gift baskets and high-ticket items. The auction is held concurrently with the Dailardfest party on October 15, 2016. The Auction Committee is currently seeking items for bid from local businesses and other community members. In order to make this another successful event, we need your help in securing fabulous auction items. Please take some time to read below and fill out this short questionnaire. If you fill it out, you’ll have a chance to be entered into a drawing for a $50 Nordstrom gift card!

How Can You Help?
Think about who you know – Many companies in San Diego are very generous and love donating to worthy causes, but they have to be asked! Do you have a contact at a local hotel or venue? Do you have or know someone who has a vacation home or timeshare? What about extra airline miles?

Where do you go?– Salons, yoga/pilates studios, golf courses, etc. are great resources for donations. These companies are looking to advertise!

Do you have something to offer? Do you own a business or know someone who does? We’d love to have you help us get a foot in the door!

Have unique ideas? Have an awesome job or hobby that you could provide a fun “experience” such as rowing, surfing, climbing or crafting? How about professional or consulting services?

Help us!– Volunteer to help with donation acquisition! Many hands make light work.

We greatly appreciate your support in making Dailardfest a huge success!!

The Dailard School Foundation

Looking forward to seeing you there! Thank you very much for your support.