Activities and Events Meeting February 2013

Meeting Date: February 12, 2013

Meeting Notes:

  • F&E– Store possibly got bought out…Thinking the program will continue next year
  • Friday Night Lights- Next movie night February 22 Diary of Wimpy Kid; 5:30-6:00pm Italian Dinner, movie following dinner; Baked ziti, salad drink $5
  • Box Tops– Check received $1017. Last time for Box Tops to be turned in this year is Feb 22. Then next turn is in November next school year
  • Run Club– Fields closed due to P&R
  • Holiday Bazaar– Still looking for new Co-Chair *** Know anyone?
  • Jogathon– We have all sponsors and everything is ready ***BUT…Delayed due to District policies of fundraising during school hours. Option is having it in mid April after half day. Or during May’s FNL night; Run then see a movie. The Jogathon date has since been settled at March 6
  • 5th Grade- $1800 check to be paid March 1st. Getting ready to start booking busses, t-shirts, end of year event
  • Spring Fling/Auction– Food Chairs: Colleen & Tom Yanihara – bbq vendor and kettlecorn, snowcones, Prizes: Lindsay Pierce, Décor: Melissa Henss- western photo cut-outs, bales of hay for seating, Bouncies covered by insurance of Bounce Time Jumps. Auction: Danielle Lourey- dispensing class basket list/themes on March 1st for Room Moms to collect any way they choose. Shutterfly,, etc…need about 12 items ( or gift cards if they do not want to find) per class. Class does not need to assemble basket just bring to Room Moms for them to bring back to Danielle. ***A sign up sheet will be set up soon so that everyone can participate in booth assistance, setup of event, and/or auction help.
  • Paperless in 2013- Please send all flyers to

Thank you to all that came and supported our PTF! Next meeting, Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 7:50am

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